FAQ About Diazepam for Anxiety and Insomnia

The concept of online shopping is new to a lot of people and as such it is not unusual to have some questions. In our FAQ section we aim to provide a wide selection of answers to questions such as where can I get medication to treat anxiety and insomnia? what is the correct dosage of Diazepam? And do I need a prescription to order Diazepam online? These questions and many more are addressed below, simply click on the topic of your choice for further information.

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Buying medication or making an appointment to go and see your doctor can not only be time consuming it can also be uncomfortable if the condition is of a sensitive nature. As stated in our privacy policy, we do not share any personal information with any 3rd parties and main complete client confidentiality at all times. Our FAQ section is compiled from the customer feedback we receive via our telephone hotline, our email and our live chat facility and aims to answer these sensitive questions and a host of others that will equip you with the information you need to buy Diazepam online.

Although we are confident that we have covered all the bases in terms of the conditions that Diazepam treats, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions that we may have missed.

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1. Is diazepam safe to use?

The medication available on our website is all produced by trusted, licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers. Diazepam is approved by the FDA which means it is safe to use when taken as recommended. This medication is effective for the short-term relief of severe anxiety and related conditions such as insomnia. It should not be used continuously for longer than 4 weeks as this can lead to dependency and withdrawal symptoms.

The patent for the original medication Valium has expired, which has allowed other reputable manufacturers to produce and sell generic equivalents. Diazepam is the generic name for Valium and is identical in effect and makeup. Initial development costs, however, did not need to be incurred to produce generic Valium thus the medication is more affordable for the consumer. The increase in supply of generics after the expiration of a patent also tends to drive down pricing.

With the internet and modern technology, you can now simply order medication for anxiety and insomnia online. Many people prefer this option compared to visiting a physically based pharmacy because it offers convenience and cost savings.

You do not need a prescription to order medication from our internet pharmacy. However, we do recommend that you have your condition assessed by a healthcare professional and that you carefully follow usage and dosage instructions.

The dosage varies according to the condition that is being treated. The usual adult dose for anxiety is 5 to 30 mg per day whereas 5 to 15 mg should be taken at bedtime for insomnia. Please refer to the patient information leaflet that comes with the medication for muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal, preoperative anxiety and other conditions.

You can find all the information you need to know about diazepam on our website and on the patient information leaflet. You can also use live chat on our website to consult one of our customer support staff if you have any further questions.

Simply visit our website and decide what quantity of medication you would like to order. Click the ‘add to cart’ button and proceed to checkout. Complete the order form by filling in your details such as your address and payment information. Once we have received payment and processed your order, the medication is delivered discreetly to you using express courier services.

You can contact us to request a cancellation order if the medication has not yet been dispatched. However, we cannot cancel your order or refund you if it has already been packaged and sent.

It is safe to shop with us as we use the latest encryption technology to ensure safe and secure transactions. You can also contact us 7 days a week if you have any queries regarding your order.